Heat treatment technology of reducer

August 31, 20160

In reducing reducer fittings or expanding deformation process, according to different materials and variable diameter pipe fittings used in cold or hot.…

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High pressure reducing forming technology of the reducer

August 30, 20160

High pressure reducer‘s reducing forming technology is will be equal and reducer big end diameter of tube billet in shaping…

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Eccentric reducer with concentric reducer differences and similarities

August 29, 20160

Concentric reducer and eccentric reducer is what are the differences and similarities? Online explained: “the pipe gas phase medium will produce…

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Stamping forming and distribution characteristics of reducer

August 26, 20160

Using steel as raw material to produce the reducer, the part of the specifications of the reducer can also be used…

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Stainless steel eccentric reducer in addition to the steel pipe as the raw material and what materials can be used

August 25, 20160

Stainless steel eccentric reducer besides using steel as raw material to produce reducer, reducer can also be used part of the…

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What are the trace elements in the stainless steel reducer

August 24, 20160

The iron element in stainless steel reducer by iron, steel, molybdenum steel materials, such as silicon, vanadium element materials. The chemical composition…

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And what are the advantages of stainless steel tee than stainless steel reducer?

August 23, 20160

(1) compared with stainless steel tee, stainless steel reducer can not only change the piping, still can make for piping of…

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What should pay attention to when making stainless steel reducer

August 22, 20160

Forming hole diameter is less than stainless steel reducer big end diameter of the tube billet, used in die forming along the…

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The processing technology of stainless steel reducer: reducing forming

August 19, 20160

Stainless steel eccentric reducer should not have crack, double skin appearance, wall thickness should be greater than the big diameter end…

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The application range of the stainless steel reducer

August 18, 20160

The application range of the stainless steel reducer: A, mine, the application of the coal industry (1) mine: mining, ore concentrate…

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