Forming technology and application specific properties of stainless steel reducer

March 27, 20170

The molding technology of the stainless steel reducer: first of all we need to welding a cross section of polygon edges…

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Stainless steel reducer: crack control technology in the production process

March 24, 20170

Stainless steel reducer production is mainly by suppressing is given priority to, however, according to many years experience, to suppress this…

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The annealing technique of the stainless steel reducer

March 23, 20170

Stainless steel reducer in the annealing time must pay attention to detail, a good grasp of the time. First, we must…

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Introduction to the forging process of the stainless steel reducer

March 22, 20170

Stainless steel reducer is made of malleable cast iron manufacturing, mainly used in water supply pipeline, gas pipeline, oil pipeline and…

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The heat treatment technology of stainless steel reducer

March 21, 20170

Stainless steel reducer in reducing deformation in the process of suppression and hole enlargement, according to different materials and variable diameter…

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Need to pay attention to the problem of welding stainless steel lap joint stub end

March 20, 20170

General stainless steel lap joint stub end has certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, commonly used in power plants, chemical,…

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The welding method of stainless steel lap joint stub end

March 17, 20170

We know that stainless steel lap joint stub end size is not the same, in accordance with the stainless steel welding flanging…

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The production process of stainless steel lap joint stub end

March 16, 20170

Stainless steel lap joint stub end is a tensile or compression edge production, method of making forming vertical edge height of…

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How to solve the leakage of large flange

March 15, 20170

Large flange in use process due to the large flange connection when improperly or use time is too long, leak, appear…

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The corrosion resistance of the stamping elbow

March 14, 20170

Stamping elbow has certain corrosion (oxidizing acid, organic acids, cavitation), heat-resisting and wear-resisting performance. Usually used in power plant, chemical, oil…

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