Analysis of the use conditions of metal bellows compensator

October 20, 20170

The design, manufacture, installation and operation management of bellows compensator is composed of several parts. Therefore, reliability should also be considered in…

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Development Trend of Domestic and Foreign Stainless Steel Pipe Production Technology

October 19, 20170

China’s stainless steel pipe production after nearly 50 years of development, especially in the past 30 years, whether it is stainless steel…

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Installation of stainless steel pipe

October 18, 20170

The installation method of stainless steel pipe is basically the same as plain carbon steel, and it has the following technological requirements…

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Cold Processing Technology of Duplex Stainless Steel pipe

October 17, 20170

1, the yield strength of duplex stainless steel is twice as high as that of austenitic stainless steel, and the…

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Welding of stainless steel pipe

October 16, 20170

In recent years, as manufacturers have become increasingly concerned about environmental issues, car manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve…

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The brightness of the stainless steel pipe after annealing

October 13, 20170

The brightness of the stainless steel pipe after annealing determines the quality of the product. There are also many influencing factors, and…

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Overview of installation of clip on butterfly valve

October 12, 20170

The butterfly plate of the clip on butterfly valve is installed in the direction of the diameter of the pipe. In the butterfly…

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Various forms of stainless steel butterfly valves

October 11, 20170

The stainless steel butterfly valve, as a kind of component used to realize the flow control and flow control of pipeline…

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What are the uses of a stainless steel sight glass

October 10, 20170

Nowadays, industrial automation is becoming more and more common today, and in production, a well-made vision Sight Glass is indispensable.…

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Welding technology and requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings

October 9, 20170

The stainless steel pipes of different sizes, in accordance with the stainless steel pipe welding unique place, as far as possible to…

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