The distinction among 304, TP304, and 304L

August 16, 20170

304 stainless steel pipe with its good heat resistance, and is widely used in the production of corrosion-resistant and forming the…

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August 15, 20170

Allegheny Ludlum’s 317LXN™ is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel with greatly increased resistance to chemical attack as compared to the conventional…

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Discussion on Surface Treatment Technology of Stainless Steel

August 14, 20170

(1) preface: It is well known that stainless steel has its unique strength and high abrasion resistance and its excellent anti-rust properties.…

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Application area and characteristics of 304 stainless steel pipe

August 11, 20170

The 304 stainless steel pipe is the most widely used for stainless steel, the equipment for food, general chemical equipment, and the…

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Introduction of stainless steel chemical polishing solution

August 10, 20170

Additives have the effect of inhibiting corrosion and increasing light. It can form a complicated adsorption layer on the surface…

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The cutting performance of 904L stainless steel

August 9, 20170

The 904L stainless steel number is 00cr20ni25m02.5cu, which is a highly alloyed super-austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content. In dilute sulphuric…

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Solid solution treatment of stainless steel valves

August 8, 20170

Steel heating to 1050 ~ 1100 ℃, then rapid cooling in water, to get a single-phase austenitic organization, this process…

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Three ways of welded steel pipe production

August 7, 20170

The first mode of production: the tube billet (plate, strip) is formed directly into the pipe, and its main process…

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Physical properties, mechanical properties and heat resistance of stainless steel

August 4, 20170

Physical properties of stainless steel Comparison of physical property data of stainless steel and carbon steel, carbon steel, the density…

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Surface of stainless steel processing grades, characteristics and uses

August 3, 20170

Surface finishing grades, characteristics and uses Original surface: NO.1 after hot rolling with heat treatment and acid treatment of the…

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