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Defects and solutions of stainless steel flanges in processing

July 20, 20170

In the production and processing of stainless steel flanges, no matter what kind of processing methods will be used in some…

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Internal Quality Inspection of Large Diameter Flange

July 19, 20170

Large diameter flange is a kind of flange, in the machinery industry, chemical industry, wind power industry, sewage treatment industry in…

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The process of forging flange

July 17, 20170

The production process flow of forging flange: the process of forging process is composed of the following procedure, which is to…

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Method of Making Large Diameter Flange

July 6, 20170

The manufacturing method of large diameter flange is usually made of steel plate cutting, cold bending or rolling, and then it is…

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How to judge the flange was corroded

July 5, 20170

Flange in the use of industrial structures, mainly to improve the role of the connection, and to keep the seal of…

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The distinction between forged flange and cast flange

July 3, 20170

Flange manufacturing process, including forging and casting two processes, the two of them in the end what is the difference?…

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The historical development of flange

June 30, 20170

The flange of the casting is the first time in 1809 by the British Irish tjaart (Erchardt) proposed, until the early twentieth…

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Inspection and installation of flange

May 30, 20170

Inspection and installation of flange 1. Open the product package to check whether the main part of the list or the…

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How to properly use stainless steel blind flange

May 22, 20170

Stainless steel blind flange with the rapid development of domestic foreign minister pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test become an indispensable important…

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Dislocation in the Installation of carbon steel flanges

May 19, 20170

As the match of the two carbon steel flanges can not be absolutely concentric, leading to carbon steel flange sealing surface is…

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