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Analysis of the use conditions of metal bellows compensator

October 20, 20170

The design, manufacture, installation and operation management of bellows compensator is composed of several parts. Therefore, reliability should also be considered in…

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Overview of installation of clip on butterfly valve

October 12, 20170

The butterfly plate of the clip on butterfly valve is installed in the direction of the diameter of the pipe. In the butterfly…

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Various forms of stainless steel butterfly valves

October 11, 20170

The stainless steel butterfly valve, as a kind of component used to realize the flow control and flow control of pipeline…

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What are the uses of a stainless steel sight glass

October 10, 20170

Nowadays, industrial automation is becoming more and more common today, and in production, a well-made vision Sight Glass is indispensable.…

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Welding technology and requirements of stainless steel pipe fittings

October 9, 20170

The stainless steel pipes of different sizes, in accordance with the stainless steel pipe welding unique place, as far as possible to…

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The material of pipe elbow is introduced

October 6, 20170

Different pipe elbows have different materials. The main difference between the stainless steel elbow and the carbon steel elbow is that the…

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How to store and transport stainless steel pipe fittings

October 5, 20170

How to keep and transport stainless steel pipe fittings? Many people have doubts on this issue, fear of stainless steel pipe…

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Pneumatic Flange Butterfly Valve

October 3, 20170

The main advantages of pneumatic butterfly valve flange gas has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight, low cost,…

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Manufacturing process of steel pipe fittings

September 26, 20170

Main technological process of steel pipe fittings: > shaping (welding) > heat treatment > surface treatment > cutting processing > non-destructive…

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The function of the pipe reducer

September 25, 20170

The pipe reducer is also one of the chemical pipe fittings used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. It is…

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