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The effect of Cu on performance in 304 stainless steel pipe

August 22, 20170

304 stainless steel pipe is 0Cr18Ni9 austenitic stainless steel pipe, is a very versatile 304 stainless steel tube, it is widely…

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Requirements for installation of stainless steel piping

August 21, 20170

The installation method of stainless steel pipe is basically the same as plain carbon steel, and has the following process requirements in…

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The Relationship between Surface Quality and Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Tube

August 17, 20170

The quality of the surface of the stainless steel tube is mainly determined by the pickling process after the heat treatment. However,…

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Application area and characteristics of 304 stainless steel pipe

August 11, 20170

The 304 stainless steel pipe is the most widely used for stainless steel, the equipment for food, general chemical equipment, and the…

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Three ways of welded steel pipe production

August 7, 20170

The first mode of production: the tube billet (plate, strip) is formed directly into the pipe, and its main process…

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Inspection and reliability analysis of steel pipe

July 25, 20170

The reliability of several non-destructive testing methods, such as magnetic flux leakage, eddy current, ultrasonic and electromagnetic ultrasonic, is discussed.…

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The knowledge of Steel Angle Bar

July 24, 20170

1. Overview Angle bar is a kind of carbon structural steel used in construction, which is a simple section steel. It…

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Method for measuring length of steel pipe

July 21, 20170

According to the requirements of different manufacturers, the length of steel pipe measurement methods, mainly in the following categories: 1, grating length…

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The Terminology of steel pipe

July 20, 20170

① Nominal size and actual size A, nominal size of steel pipe: is the standard size specified in the standard, the…

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Method of calculating the weight of steel pipe

July 10, 20170

Method of calculating the weight of steel pipe The following are the same as the “ (1): cold drawn seamless rectangular…

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